MIYAGE is a gift for your friends and relatives, that you buy as a memento when you visit somewhere on business or vacation.When you visit your friends and relatives, you often bring along a gift for them to show gratitude for the invitation. That gift is called TEMIYAGE, or more formally OMIYAGE.

Giving OMIYAGE to your friends is a distinctive Japanese tradition. When you give OMIYAGE, it's important to hand out in person. When the gifts are sent via parcel delivery service, they are not called OMIYAGE.

The origin of the word OMIYAGE is said to be 宮笥(みやげ), a gift that people used to buy at shrines.When people buy OMIYAGE, they often choose sweets and artifacts. Also, most of OMIYAGEs are local goods and specialty products, as shown in the kanji 「土産」.

People choose their local products as TEMIYAGE, as well as other general goods and foods. If they are farmers and fishermen, they might bring their own products.


Tokyo is like a messy toy box, a melting pot of a wide variety of cultures all over the world. We used a fruit-parfait-inspired illustration of Tokyo for our package, in which a lot of symbolic buildings and images are decorated in a parfait glass.